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Directory by Academic Departments

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Staff Member Department  E-mail Address
Mandy Abernathy Media Clerk
Elizabeth Ayala Exceptional Children
Amanda Baker Social Studies
Robert Bannister Social Worker
Sherri Barber* Career & Tech
Travis Bennett Counselor
Deputy Joey Bergamine School Resource Officer
Ave Billingslea Career & Tech
Travis Blackwell Math
Holly Bloodworth Math
Hillary Bogers** Arts Education/Drama
Shalon Brito Career & Tech
Michael Broadhurst Social Studies
Wendy Brummett Clerical-Counseling Secretary
Pam Brunner* Career & Tech
Wanda Buford Math
Brenda Burnell Social Studies
Deidre Busbee TA
Richard Butler Jr. Arts Education/Chorus
Allen Cameron Social Studies
Aubrie Cedrun Arts Education/Dance
Steve Clabaugh Social Studies
Hannah Clayton* Science
Lori Coleman AIG/AP Coordinator
Celia Crall Exceptional Children
Wesley Curtis Math
Christopher Dague Social Studies
Rhonda Daigle Arts Education/Visual Arts
Janice Daniels** Science
Monica Davis Math
Patricia Davis English
John DeWeese Science
Barry Duff Science
Sadia Durrani ESL
Mary Dyer Math
Ashley Edmonds Career & Tech
Jennifer Fowler** Physical Education
Brian Frierson Career & Tech
Robert Garrison Science
Amber Gavin* English 
Ed Genova Career & Tech
Joshua Giusto Physical Education
Justin Grandenetti GradPoint TA
Erin Guzman Foreign Language
Natalie Haire Counselor
Keyanda Hall TA
Wendy Hancuff Math
Melissa Harris Science
Mercedes  Harris** Foreign Language
Angela Haynes English
Tina Henson Cafeteria Manager
Damon Herbert Social Studies
DeAnn Hodges** Career & Tech Facilitator
Tyler Hood Physical Education
Kerry Humphrey ISTA Director / Career & Tech
Amy Hutmacher Math
Kathleen  Ives Math
Matt Ivey** English
David Jackson Safe Schools Coordinator
CSM George Jackson* JROTC
Sandralane Jackson TA
Sandy Jones* Career & Tech
Mary Juergens English
Henrietta Jutson Career  & Tech
Nahibi Kauffman TA
Mike Lindsay Administration
Pam Lineberger* Career & Tech
Todd Lineberger Career & Tech
Kaitlin Lumpkins English
Elizabeth Markham EC Case Teacher
Nattlie McArthur* Career & Tech
Elsa McBride** Media
Michelle McKoy Attendance Clerk
William McLean Counselor
Nancy Melton Math
Elaine Merritt TA
Arnold Middleton Arts Education/Visual Arts
Rachel Moore English
Ray Musselwhite English
Joe Myrtle Physical Education
Melanie Myrtle* Social Studies
Alexis Newsom Career & Tech / Yearbook Advisor
April Norton Clerical
Allison O’Dell Career & Tech
Michael  O’Dell Career & Tech
Doug Oplinger Math
Penny  Palmer Bookkeeper
Wendy Paroli Counselor
Tim Parsons Arts Education/Band Director
Denise Pereira Foreign Language
Mike Picciano Administration
Margaret Piela Counselor
Scott Pope Principal 
Fabiola Ramos Foreign Language
Vivian Reed Career & Tech
Jennifer Reynolds Exceptional Children
Pat (Fairell) Richardson Career & Tech
Amiee Riley Science
Athena Rogers** Social Studies
Austin Sandy Computer Lab Facilitator
Mike Sartain Physical Education
Judy Shelton Support
Byron Sigmon Physical Education 
Blair Small Social Studies
Freezy Smalls Exceptional Children
Danielle Steinhauser Science
Wendy Steslicke Arts Education/Orchestra 
Rick Stoker Physical Education 
Ryan Stone Social Studies
Anthony Summerville Exceptional Children 
Doris Taylor Administration
Tracie Taylor Administration
Ashley Telford Career & Tech
Robert Thomas** Math
Sandra Tobin Career & Tech
Robert Tompkins Night Head Custodian
Delarese Townsend English
Shana Turner Exceptional Children
Col Richard Underwood** JROTC
Leigh Vaughan Exceptional Children
Dana Vega English
Jose Vega Acosta TA
Betsey Vera Career & Tech
Ike Walker ISS
Stephanie Walsh** Exceptional Children
Charles Walters* Career & Tech
Debbie Wamsley Office Manager
Shawn Watkins English
Thea Weinheimer Clerical-Data Manager
Irene Whelan Clerical-Counseling Center
Kathryn Whisnant Support
Jacqueline Whitbeck Science
Jacqueline Williams Exceptional Children
Sebrina Wilson Science
Willie Wilson Head Custodian
Ashley Wise Support
Deborah Womble Administration
Hiwon Woo* Math 

 ** Indicates Department Chair
* Indicates Assistant Department Chair

Published by Elsa McBride on August 26, 2016
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