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This is an image of the school's principal, Mr. Scott PopeAt Jack Britt High School, we are proud of the continued tradition of excellence which we have built since the inception of our school in 2000.  We are proud to provide exceptional educational, extra-curricular, and athletic opportunities for our students. In order to do so, we work closely with all of our stakeholders.  We realize the importance of a cohesive relationship with parents and our community. The Parent Support Group, free to all parents, is an active component of our efforts to continually improve as a school. Additionally, our students benefit from the support and assistance they receive from our athletic and band booster clubs as well as the reciprocal relationship we enjoy with a loyal and growing “Partners in Education” program.

Thanks to the support of our community partners and families, Jack Britt has quickly been recognized as a school with a commitment to excellence.  The beliefs and values that have always been at the core of our success continue to drive everything that we do. We strive to create a positive, collaborative school culture in which students feel safe and eager to take part in learning. Our educational mission is designed to raise achievement and prepare our students for the challenges they face in our ever-changing global society.  No where is change more prevalent than in today’s schools.  More strenuous graduation requirements, the adoption of new instructional standards, and increasingly challenging admissions guidelines for colleges and universities have not hindered our focus on increasing student success.

At Jack Britt High School we do not rest on our laurels, rather we constantly seek opportunities for growth and improvement.  Minimizing our achievement gap and keeping our graduation rate high continues to be top priority for our dedicated teaching staff. We offer guidance to students in making sound decisions for their future, be that next step joining the workforce, military service, furthering their education or a combination of these paths. We see the importance of Career and Technical course as students leave JBHS career ready.  We also recognize the need to provide differentiated instruction and paths for our students.  We are proud of the acclaim of our rigorous curriculum which provides a challenge for all students.  To this end, we offer a wide variety of honors and Advanced Placement courses. Last year we were thrilled to have been named the recipient of the National Math & Science Initiative, a grant totaling $838,656.00, which promoted participation and achievement in these Advanced Placement classes.

Our success extends beyond the classroom as we offer a wide variety of extra and co-curricular activities and recognize the importance of student participation in them. Our Arts Department shines as our students are often recognized in competitions or as they represent us in county wide programs, with our Marching Band receiving highest honor at competition after competition.  Our IST Academy showcases the intellectual ability of our students as they step forward as the future of STEM education.  Likewise, our  Forensic Team promotes critical thinking and debate skills, as students represent Jack Britt across out state. With more than 30 organizations, including Latin Club, Spanish Club, FCCLA, DECA, National Honor Society, Key Club, Step Team and more, each student has the opportunities to become involved in our school, community, and beyond.  While we are proud to sport our purple and gold, it is often our Army green that often brings Jack Britt great honor. The JBHS ROTC is one of the most active programs around, often leading community parades, participating in drill meets and setting the example of patriotism by posting colors at many of our sporting events. Our thriving athletic program continues to represent us well, and has recently been awarded the Wells Fargo Cup for Athletic Excellence with most of our varsity teams competing in post-season play, including our Football, Wrestling and Track teams sending students to state finals. Additionally, our students come together, not always as a club or organization, but as an entire student body, to represent Jack Britt in competitions such as the Roo Cup and Fox 50 Lip Dub, which showcased the leadership of our Student Government and the talent of our student body as Jack Britt brought home the combined prizes of $15,000.  And while all of these activities are exceptional, what Jack Britt is most proud is the great students and faculty which are a part of each and every day at JBHS. With all of this, it is easy to see that “It’s Great to Be a Buccaneer!”

Scott Pope, Principal

Administrative Responsibilities:
Support Staff


Mr. Michael Lindsay, Assistant Principal and Athletic Director

Michael Lindsay, Assistant Principal and
Athletic Director

Athletic and Band Boosters
Community Partners
Emergency Lesson Plans
Family Night Celebrations
A Hallways and Gyms

This image is of Mr. Mike Picciano, Assistant Principal

Michael Picciano, Assistant Principal
Address Changes
Attendance (Letters/FF)
Buses (Back-Up)
SchoolNet Contact
Security System
School Improvement Plan
School Improvement Team
Teacher Assistants
Workkeys (Back-Up)
C Hallways and
Back Science Rooms


Mrs. Doris Taylor, Assistant Principal

Doris Taylor, Assistant Principal
ACT (Back-Up)
Federal Cards
NCFE (Back-Up)
PLAN (Back-Up)
PSAT (Back-Up)
Teacher Assistants

This image is of Ms. Tracie Taylor, Assistant Principal

Tracie Taylor, Assistant Principal
Academic Celebrations
AP Testing Back-Up
Beginning Teachers
EOC (Back-Up)
Field Trips
Reading Rocks
Student Teachers/Interns
Verification Of Address
B Hallways and Huts



Vacancy, Assistant Principal
NCEES/TrueNorth Logic
Professional Development
Substitutes (Back-Up)
AUD200 and D Hallways and
Front Science Rooms

Joe Myrtle
Activity Buses
Game Duty
Pep Rallies

David Jackson
Bomb Threats
Emergency Booklets
Fire/Tornado Drills
Safe Schools

DeAnn Hodges:
Beth Markham: Testing Accommodations (All Tests)
William McLean: PSAT and PLAN Back-Up
Lori Coleman: AP Testing

Wendy Brummett: United Way
Kerry Humphrey: Peer Helpers/Student Assistants
Elsa McBride: JBHS Website
Vacant: myTrack Liaison
Mike Lindsay: Athletic Equipment, Eligibility

Published by Elsa McBride on August 26, 2016
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